Agility in Conan Exiles


In Conan Exiles, you can level up stats to improve your character in the game. To level up stats, you will have to use points. However, as you only have limited amount of points to spend, it is important that you spend them well.

This page focuses specifically at the stat agility in Conan Exiles and how you should level up this stat.

What is stat building in Conan Exiles?

There are seven stats that you can level up. The seven stats are only described very brief on this page, because focus at this page is on agility:

  • Strength:determines the damage dealt in melee combat.
  • Agility:measures the ability to move when wearing different clothing types and has a direct effect on armor.
  • Vitality:determines the size of your health pool. Supply of health is refilled used regeneration.
  • Accuracy:determines the damage when dealt with weapons.
  • Grit:determines the size of your stamina pool.
  • Encumbrance:measures how much you can carry. Carrying too much gets a player over encumbered.
  • Survival:measures your ability to live in harsh conditions. For example, it affects how easily food is metabolized.

How points are spent

At maximum level, you will have a total of 390 points. This means that you can level all seven stats to level 21, with one stat in level 22.

Increasing a stat from 0-5 costs one point per level, two points for 6-10, etc.

  • 1-5 = 1 point each (5 points spent)
  • 6-10 = 2 points each (15 points spent)
  • 11-15 = 3 points each (30 points spent)
  • 16-20 = 4 points each (50 points spent)
  • 21-25 = 5 points each (75 points spent)
  • 26-30 = 6 points each (105 points spent)
  • 31-35 = 7 points each (140 points spent)
  • 36-40 = 8 points each (180 points spent)
  • 41-45 = 9 points each (225 points spent)
  • 46-50 = 10 points each. (275 total points spent to max out one attribute)

Why is stat building in Conan Exiles important?

Because you only have a limited amount points to spend, building the perfect character in Conan Exiles requires some careful choices. If you what you survive in the game, either as single player or a full PvP server, a perfect stat build is very important.

You can choose to level some stats higher at the cost of other stats. This might be an advantage, because you can benefit more from level up specific stats than others.

What is agility in Conan Exiles?

Agility measures your ability to move when wearing different clothing types. Agility is also the stat that improves your armor, which overall protects the character against physical damage.

Below, you can see which abilities you get by improving agility:

  • 10 points: Iron endurance (sprinting drains 25% less stamina)
  • 20 points: Cat-like reflexes (falling damage is halved)
  • 30 points: Effortless leap (jumping no longer costs stamina)
  • 40 points: Nimble tumbler (while dodging, your armor class counts as one weight-class lower than normal)
  • 50 points: Extended leap (jump while in the air to do a second jump)

Should I improve agility in Conan Exiles?

With a direct impact on your armor’s effectiveness, agility may seem very useful at first. However, it is not recommendable to spend many points in agility.

The only very important perk is Iron Endurance. To get this, you will only have to spend 10 points in agility, whereas you will lose less stamina when sprinting.

If you get attacked a lot in the game, agility might be a stat to focus on, but for most players, it is better to avoid getting attacked in the first place. To do this, you will have to stay out of harm’s way or by having more health by improving the vitality stat.


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