Beginners guide to Conan Exiles


If you are a new player, which is about to enter the adventurous world of Conan Exiles, everything might be a bit confusing at first. Therefore we have assembles this beginners guide to help you get started.

First, you need to understand one basic thing. You will die and maybe even often. It is a natural part of a surviving game like this, and before you get used to it, the better. If you play single player on the easiest mode, you may survive longer, but it will also not be as much fun.

Food and water is vital to survive

When you start a game, you will find yourself in the middle of a desert. Nearby your spawn location, you will find a rock, with a letter and a drinking bottle. This bottle of water will help you get started until you get to an area of more water.

For food, the first you will find is bugs. Harvest nearby bushes to get plant fibres and bugs to eat. Bugs will not keep your food up for long but they are good as starting food.

When you have gathered some food and the water bottle head north. Here you will find a lake, trees, stones and food resources. A good place to build your first settle.

Build your first house

It is important to get a house early in the game. You do not need to wait for materials enough to build a big castle. A 2×2 or 3×3 house is more than enough at first. In your house, build a bedroll and some chests for storage.

A bed in this game acts as a respawn point. You should therefore build a bed fast and interact with it. When you are notified that this is your new respawn point, all is good.  Now build chests. It is not wise to carry any values because if you die, you will lose it.

Level up the right stats in the beginning

There are seven different stats, which you can train as you level up in the game. Especially three of these stats are important to level up early on. These are strength, vitality and encumbrance.

Strength will increase your melee damage, so you deal more damage to your enemies. Vitality simply increases your health pool, which makes you more defensive. The last one, encumbrance, increases the amount of materials, you can carry. Remember though, that not all seven stats can get to maximum level. You only have a total of 390 points to spent, so getting training the three stats five or six times is enough at first.

Gather everything

The last tip, you shall get in this beginners guide is about gathering. You will quickly learn that everything is expensive to build in Conan Exiles. Therefore, if you think you have 200 or 300 stone and that is enough. Rethink. Gather everything in the beginning and store it in chests, even if it is only stone, wood or branches. In the late game, you will still find recipes that requires these basic materials, so you will probably never get enough of it.

This requires a lot of storage space, so you need to build many chests. Later on, you will appreciate this advice.

And most important. Have fun while playing this adventurous survival game.



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