Gathering resources in Conan Exiles


In Conan Exiles, you are able to gather resources from many of your surroundings. Some resources you can gather with your hands, and other requires specific tools. You DO want to gather resources, as they are required for crafting everything in the game.

Some resources are very easy to find in the early game, for example wood, stone and plant fibers. All you need to do is use a harvesting to tool on either a tree or a boulder. Other resources are harder to find. This could be resources as obsidian or Silverstone. In order to find these materials you may want to interact with a community made resource map such as;-22;2 where you can filter for specific materials.

For an example, you will find almost no rare materials near your starting location, but the more northwest you go, the better materials you can find. However, the monsters you will face will be equally tougher. It is said nowhere, but the more northwest you are, the harder the enemies get, and the more southeast you are, the easer your enemies are.

Which tool to use?

Tools in the game are split into five categories; picks, hatchets, cleavers, sickles and skinning knifes. Each tool shines at different harvesting.

Picks are for boulders and ores. You get stone, iron, coal, obsidian, brimstone, crystal and Silverstone with this tool. If used on trees you can also get bark.

Hatchets are for trees. The hatchet is simply an axe, which you use to gather wood. In the early game, you can also use the hatchet on bodies to get meats, until you obtain a cleaver.

Cleavers are for meat farming. It is more efficient than an axe, and it should be your primary tool for meat farming.

Sickles are for plants. Use the sickle to get plant fibers and berries from plants. You can also get fibers with bare hands, but sickles are again more efficient and should be preferred.

Skinning Knifes are for dead bodies to. If you need hides to make for example beds, skinning knifes are used to gather these.

What is harvesting power?

Every tool has a harvesting power, where tools made by more rare materials have higher harvesting power. As the name suggest, it tells you how many materials you will get per hit on a resource depot.

The game uses the following formula to tell you how many resources you will get: Harvesting power + (50% chance of +1) x Harvest Amount Multiplier.

The harvesting power goes from 0 to a maximum of 8, where bare hands have 0 and for example obsidian tools have 8. If you have a hatchet with a harvesting power of 5 and the servers harvesting amount multiplier is 1, you can get a maximum of five to six resources per hit. Five is secured because the harvesting power is 5 and then a 50% chance to get an extra one.

Other servers have the multiplier set to for example 3. In this case, you will get 15 to 18 instead of five to six, which can improve your building rate a lot.


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