How do you get more viewers to your site?


It’s important to make sure to use the right keywords on the internet, and we guide you to how to gain more customers.


Keywords. The fundamental thing to gain more readers to your homepage. So how do you use those keywords in action to gain more readers?


The key is to make sure you use the right keywords. For instance, if you write about “springtee”, you must be sure to use the word often. But not too often. There is a certain balance that increases your chances of becoming popular on the Google search machines.

If you use Ahrefs site explorer, you’ll be able to read and understand data and because of that gain knowledge that will increase your chances of making your company grow bigger.

There are three ways to increase your searching machine and results.


There’s the organic traffic research. This is where you get to see which keywords your competitors use that makes them rank higher than you and who gets the most reads according to their searching engines. When using Ahrefs, there are millions of keywords in the US alone. If you want to grow, you must know what your opponents rely on in their task to increase numbers and customers on the internet.


Backline checker. This is one of modern days most important instruments to gain readers and visitors. Who uses other pages that use direct links to enter the homepage of your competitor? Use this in your way of using your home page and visitors will increase. Ahrefs have more than 15 trillion links that connects one page to the other. There is undoubtedly tons of pages to reach by using this method in your own practice, and don’t be surprised to see your competitors using foreign languages to gain views and visitors.


Paid traffic research. Here you learn where your competitors pay to gain attention and more readers. Also an important aspect in modern day SEO, you must always use creative solutions to increase followers from other places by using paid traffic. Ads are important, and here you’ll be able to see where your competitors have used ads. Inspired? Then do it yourself, but be aware of where to use it and when.


The strength of Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a well-known and strong page and they know what they do. To give some examples on their strengths, here are some numbers:


Ahrefs uses 7,6 billion keywords. They have 10 search engines and have knowledge about the web 171 countries worldwide.

The biggest markets for Ahrefs is United States, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Russia, Mexico and Canada.


Neilpatel with many advantages


Neilpatel is another well-made homepage and database that can help you increase customers. They provide tons of informations such as: domain overview, keyword suggestions, backlink data and much more.

One of the greatest strengths at Neilpatel is the fact that it can give you content ideas. If you want to find the content of pieces gathering the most social shares and backlinks, this is one of the greater answers to your problems.

The thing is that if you are aware of what to write about, this will be a game changer in your content strategy. Therefore, by usin Neilpatel, you’ll be able to go deep into those that are the top performers when it comes to any given keywords. This way, you can write about topics that people are not only interested in, but also topics that are relevant for the individual customer and thus thereby creating a win-win for you and the customer.


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