Playing Conan Exiles – how to stats build


If you are not playing Conan Exiles yet, you definitely should. This game has it all, and that is actually a lot in a world where new online games sprout up every day. Conan Exiles is an online based adventure game, which makes it easy to access for everybody with a computer and web connection.

Conan Exiles is all about adventure, tactics, survival and battle. The game is set in the time and land of Conan the Barbarian, and as a player you start out with nothing. If you manage to survive, you can start to build your own empire.

Create your character

One of the unique aspects of Conan Exiles is the many ways in which you can custom design and individualize your character. Your character and its strengths and weaknesses are one of the keys to having success in the game.

During the cause of the game you have plenty of opportunities to develop and strengthen your character. While you start out with having absolutely nothing, in the end you might rise to a god-like status, if you play your cards right. One of the important ways to achieve this is to build your stats.

What are stats?

Stats are what you might call an indicator of personality, skills and talent in the gaming world. A lot of adventure games use stats as a way of showing the characters development and competence. The same goes for Conan Exiles, where stats are hugely important.

As a character in Conan Exiles, you have seven different kinds of stats. These include strength, agility, vitality, accuracy, grit, encumbrance and survival. All of these stats have different advantages, as you might be able to conclude from their names. As a player, it is up to you to decide which stats you want to improve the most.

How do you build up stats?

The way you character will develop is far from a given when you begin the game. You can make choices on behalf of your character, and in this way, you shape its personality and skills. In other words, you can choose which stats you want to build on.

When playing Conan Exiles, you have a certain level of skill points to use to improve your stats. These skill points will run out, and that is exactly why it is a good idea to make a tactic for your stats before you use them.

Not so important stats: survival, accuracy and agility

Every player has their own idea of which stats are the best to improve. But in the Conan Exiles community, there is a consensus that stats like survival, accuracy and agility are not as important as the others.

Neither survival, accuracy nor agility will give you any real benefits. You may gain some extra skills, but not any that will have a real significance in your journey. It is therefore recommended to build up these stats only a little and use the main part of your skill points elsewhere.

Ready for battle: strength and grit

A huge part of Conan Exiles is warfare and combat against other characters. So of course it is important to improve the stats closely related to these. Strength and grit are both essential stats, because they give your character specific skills and extra endurance.

High stats on grit can for example help you increase your stamina if you play your cards right. Likewise, you might get to improve your meele damage if you level up on strength. This comes in handy when fighting against strong opponents.

Prosper with encumbrance and vitality

The last two stats are important to focus on as well. Vitality is not about battling, but about increasing the total health of your character. With high levels of vitality, your character can endure more and take more damage. This is important, especially in the beginning of the game when you are on your own.

Encumbrance is a very basic skill, but it is useful none the less. When your encumbrance stats are high, your character can carry more and carry it faster. Is seems like a very practical thing, but it can actually take your far in the game.


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