If you want to survive you need to harvest. Whether it be crops or blood the sickle will help you get what you need. The one-handed tool is both sharp and easy to maneuver and it will get things done tenfold faster than your hands.

As with all tools you have to work to add the sickle to your baggage, but once you do you will not remember how you ever got along without it. With harvesting power ranging from 3-8 depending on material you can really get things moving with the right sickle.


Resource gathering with a sickle

Like any other gathering of resources in the game you use the sickle to hit the item from which you wish to obtain a certain resource. By way of the sickle you use you will harvest the amount of resource equal to the harvesting power of your sickle with each strike plus a 50% chance of +1. The higher harvesting power your sickle have, the fewer strikes are needed to obtain the wanted  amount of berries or fiber.


The sickle is a singlehanded tool that is easy to recognize by the looks of it alone. It is crafted from metal and wood and is used to harvest crops, separate flesh from bones for dinner as well as defense.

It has a crescent shaped blade on a short handle and can be categorized as a onehanded version of the scythe for harvesting smaller crops and gathering fiber from bark to aloe. It makes your work a lot easier than working and gathering with your bare hands.

The further you raise in level, the better or more effective and hard materials you can obtain and the higher harvesting power you will get.


The sickle comes in five different materials BUT seeing as the lowest grade material available for the sickle is steel you will not be able to craft one before reaching level 30 which means that some fibers are unavailable to you on lower and middle levels.

No stone or iron sickle is available in the game, so you will have to gather fibers one by one by hand until reaching the level needed to acquire steel for you to craft a sickle to work with.

Other than steel you can craft:

  • hardened steel sickles
  • star metal sickles
  • Acheronian sickles
  • obsidian sickles

As you raise in level and the materials become available to your character to obtain and craft from.



The sickle is a tool used to harvest fiber and you will get a lot more when using this that by using your hands. Moreover, it can also be used to optimize your harvest of:

  • Insects
  • Aloe
  • Yellow Lotus
  • Plants used for dye

When you reach level 30 you will be able to craft your first sickle from 20 x steel bar and 4 x shaped wood on a Blacksmith’s bench in 10 s and by doing so gathering 760 experience points.

When it comes to getting the most out of your tool be aware that the most expensive material does not always the most efficient tool make.


Which are the best sickles?

Depending on who you ask the best material to craft your sickle from varies. So, it is up to you to find out which properties you find most important in your tools before running out to gather obsidian.

As is the case with all tools you must define your needs the better to choose the right material to craft it from.

Are you looking for durability or must it be cheap and easy to repair? This is really one of the topics that can get the discussion going on the different planforms across the www.

The most often featured opinions are:

  • Obsidian;
    • Pro: it is practically free to repair
    • Con: lower durability than for instance Acheronian sickles
  • Acheronian;
    • Pro: very high durability, high harvesting power, and high efficiency.
    • Con: more expencive to repair than Obsidian

But there are other opinions out there and the best way to test the different theories are to try it out for yourself as you progress and raise to higher and higher levels.


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