Stat building in Conan Exiles


In Conan Exiles, you will find that you can level up stats to improve your character. However, you only have a limited amount of point to spend. At maximum level, you will have a total of 390 points. This means that you can level all seven stats to level 21 with a single one in 22. You can also choose to level some stats higher at the cost of other stats. In this page, you will learn about each stat, and how you can benefit from it.


The first stat is strength. Levelling up this stat will improve your melee damage, which can become very handy. Other stats might give you bigger boosts than this one, but you still want to put at least some points in here. Improving this stat gives you stronger attacks when using melee weapons, which you will need during the game.

The most valuable perk from strength is the Brutal Strikes, which you will get when strength hits level 40. Doing this will however cost you lots in the other stats. So in order to achieve this perk, you should instead use items and potions to boost your strength. If you want to go with this guide, 38 points is the max you can get in strength.


Agility is a stat that improves your armor. You really do not need to spend many points in agility. The only very important perk is Iron Endurance. This you will get from spending 10 points in agility, whereas you will lose less stamina when sprinting.


Vitality is an important stat to improve quickly. Vitality increases your total health and also have some good perks to get. When getting 10 points in vitality you get the Deep Breath ability, which allows you to dive underwater for double as long. At 20 points, you get Impervious, which reduces all temperature effects on you. And most important when spending 30 points, you get Fierce Vitality, which is overall the most important stat in the game. This will give you a passive health regeneration, which comes in handy in all situations.


Accuracy improves your ranged damage. Unfortunately, you do not get the same damage or efficiency, when you use ranged weapons as you do, when you use melee weapons. Therefore, the best advantage is at the moment to avoid spending any points in the accuracy stat. The stamina stat allows your opponents in a PVP server to chase you down, so in the end you will end up in a melee fight either way.


The grit stat improves your stamina pool, which can come in handy. We recommend you to go for at least 20 stat points in grit. Especially if you are going into PVP servers, where you do not want to enter a fight with a low stamina pool. This way you will get two perks. The first one is Strong Grip, which you want be using much in a fight. It reduces your stamina use when climbing by 10%. The other one, which you get at 20 points, is Barbaric Tenacity, which is more useful. Here you will get 10% more stamina each time you get a regeneration tick.


Encumbrance comes in handy for some people. It allows you to carry more items with you. Most people like to be able to carry more, and most of the time it is a good stat to have in a survival game. There are not any specifically good perks to go for here but around 20 points in encumbrance should be enough for you to carry a bit.


The last stat is survival. It should improve your ability to survive in the wilderness, but the stat is not nearly as good as the others. From survival you get perks that avoids you to get food poisoned, you can harvest faster, animals gives more resources and such stuff. But the fact is that there are plenty of water and food sources, so you really should not spent any points in this stat either.

Adding up the stats

If you follow this guide, you should end up with the following stats:

  • 38 points in strength
  • 10 points in agility
  • 30 points in vitality
  • 0 points in accuracy
  • 20 points in grit
  • 20 points in encumbrance
  • 0 points in survival

You will then have a remaining of 6 points, which will allow you to improve agility either by 2 stat points, or grit or encumbrance by 1 stat point. You should though choose between the either grit or encumbrance, depending on what you think you need the most.



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